Our Virtual Giphy Sticker Booth allows guests to create unique and interactive content from the comfort of their home. Users are sent a fully branded webform where they input their info, choose their animation options and upload a selfie. Then the magic happens - we have developed software and systems that remove the background and body, and animate each head into a range of Giphy stickers with custom tags to make them easy to find. 


We’ve received amazing feedback from the 1500 participants and the engagement levels are huge, currently at 2.4 million views per day. The stickers sets have really made guests feel part of the program even though they can't attend ‘real' events. We have loved seeing people find creative ways of using the content in stories. 


As well as being a super useful promotional tool, personalised stickers come with a real sense of exclusivity as only select people, usually celebs, have their very own set. If you are looking to find an interactive way to engage your audience and get millions of organic impressions, look no further.


You can see the stickers we made for Instagram India here. We made 5300 stickers and they have 110 million views in 6 weeks. 


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