Maybelline - The Day of Gigi

93 Mortimer Street, Soho

BRIEF - To design and produce 2 premium booth experiences that complement the event's 'hotel' theme

SOLUTION - Oulined in detail below.

RESULTS - 210 Print Outs.​ 487 GIFs taken

SHARES - 181       REACH - 40.5M

Bed photo GIF booth
Mirror photo booth hire

We had a lot of fun creating the Bed Booth, and the event guests had  even more fun using it. We used our ring lights and background uplighting to ensure perfect lighting and we also ran software that allowed us to create a 'beautify' filter to ensure everyone looked amazing. 

Here you can see how guests received their GIF ready to view and share instantly. We were delighted that Gigi shared two of her GIFs as Instagram stories to her 34.5 million followers. 


                                       Results below  

Bed booth GIF example
Bed booth GIF example
Bed booth GIF example
Bed booth GIF example

For the second experience we worked with a production team to create a bespoke mirror set / dressing room. This was designed to use with our smart GIF Booth plinth to capture the action, and also for guests to take their own selfies within. The wide portrait GIFs and mirror setup allowed us to capture the guests' full outfits. Again we used the ring light and beautify filters to enhance the final look. 

Here you can see an example of the GIF landing page. 


                                     Results below  

Mirror booth GIF example
6 x 4" Print outs
Mirror booth print example