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The Vaults, London

BRIEF - To make GIFs and high quality prints using the Chabaddy G office set from a popular TV show.

SOLUTION - Oulined in detail below.

RESULTS - 134 Pics taken, 458 Print Outs.​ 125 GIFs made.


New Studio Combo Booth
Results: GIFs & prints
combo booth.jpg
MyGIFThumb (15).gif
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As fans of the TV show People Just do Nothing we had a lot of fun on this one. The production team on site had constructed a perfect replica of the infamous Chabaddy G's office, complete with multiple Nokia phones, a gold pineapple and a cut out of the man himself. 

We used a new studio booth that combines a DSLR and flash with our ipad software. This ensures we can make GIFs and very high quality 

                            prints with great lighting. 

Guests were given a range of wigs and search like a G medallions to pose with as they made their content. The booth was on the main stage in the venue so that really helped to create a scene and get people involved. 

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